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What to expect


When life starts to feel overwhelming it can seem like nothing will ever change. It can feel difficult to talk to friends or family for fear that you might be judged, that they might see a vulnerable side that you don’t want to share or that you might be burdening them. Talking to a counsellor can lighten your load, helping you to gain perspective and understanding about yourself and how you respond to the people around you and your environment.  This awareness can enable you to work towards and embrace the changes you would like to make in your life. My clients have described to me how saying the words out loud can have a profound effect and enable growth and healing.


My work with young people


Recent surveys show that young people are finding life really tough. Pressures at school, living up to their own and other people’s expectations, relationship and friendship issues, concerns about identity and sexuality, climate change and world issues can all create confusion and anxiety. 


I have a wealth of experience working with young people who find talking to someone outside of the family or their friendship groups means they can address issues which really worry them or which may bring about feelings of shame or anger. It is important to me that young people maintain autonomy in our work together and feel guided and supported, listened to rather than led. 


I have helped both adult and young clients with many issues including


Self esteem

Anxiety and depression

Relationship problems

Adapting to life changes 

Work and study stress

Identity issues including gender dysphoria

Racism and prejudice

Bereavement and loss

Domestic violence


Health issues

Eating issues

Social anxiety


I have experience working with neurodiversity (including ADHD, ADD, ASD, Dyslexia).


Different types of counselling

I use many approaches in my counselling practice which are tailored to your needs and always respect your autonomy. In other words I will always listen carefully to what you hope to get out of our work together. 


Person-Centred Counselling

This is the foundation for my counselling practice. Working in the here and now, we can build awareness of some of the blocks to living a more contented life. Whilst some of these issues might be rooted in past experiences, we will explore where you are right now and how to reach your full potential. 


Transactional Analysis

TA is a theory of personality, communication and behaviour with a philosophical belief that people are "ok", everyone has the capacity to think and people decide their own destiny and these decisions can be changed. It is helpful in enabling personal growth, change and understanding the dynamics of relationships.


For many clients, the practice of mindfulness can be really helpful in grounding them when life is feeling too much. Scientific research has shown that this is particularly effective for those who have suffered trauma and can enable long lasting change. If this is something you think you will find helpful, we can explore it together and look at resources to support you between sessions.

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