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About me


During my time working as a teacher over a period of 15 years, I became increasingly aware of a whole range of issues which were contributing to anxiety and stress for pupils as well as parents and teachers.


Whilst attending Mental Health First Aid training for young people, I witnessed the value of parents and carers coming together and sharing experiences. This was clearly of benefit to young people but also the adults in their lives.


Recognising there was a great need for empathy, knowledge and action, I qualified as a counsellor. I have a private practice in central Dorking, working face to face and online and also work for Heads Together, a counselling service for young people. I have previously worked for the NHS as part of a GP’s counselling service. 


I sincerely believe that change is very much possible. For some this might be an exploration of behaviours, thoughts and feelings that are limiting your ability to engage with life. Whilst we might examine issues from the past, the focus is on how this affects your current situation and what can be done to open up understanding and growth. 


For others, a shorter-term goal-based approach might feel more helpful, looking at strategies to enable change. 


For many, it is a combination of the two and this may emerge as we get to know each other and decide what is important to you on your unique pathway. 

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